Un giovane di 24 anni è morto e tre altri sono stati feriti per scontri nel quartiere di Los Teques, a Caracas, dopo che l'opposizione ha chiesto uno sciopero generale di 24 ore nel Paese. Lo hanno reso noto le autorità locali. Da inizio aprile, per le proteste contro il governo del presidente Nicolas Maduro, il cui mandato scade nel 2019, sono morte quasi cento persone, perlopiù manifestanti.

A young man died and three others were injured in the suburbs of the Venezuelan capital Caracas after opposition called for a general strike this Thursday, local authorities said. "Prosecutor's office Nr. 1 in Miranda is investigating the death of Ronney Tejera (24) and 3 injured during a demonstration in Los Teques [neighborhood] this July 20," the Public Ministry tweeted. The Nacional news website reported the victims had been fired at by grassroots militia supporting the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Nearly a hundred people, most of them protesters, have lost their lives since anti-government demonstrations swept the oil-rich South American nation in early April. Opposition activists accuse President Maduro of mismanagement and demand that he drop his plans for a new legislative body and call an early election. His term expires in 2019. A 24-hour general strike organized by Venezuelan opposition began in the country on Thursday in an attempt to put pressure on the government.