Le forze di sicurezza turche hanno condotto 94 operazioni contro il terrorismo in tutto il Paese nell'ultima settimana, uccidendo 22 militanti del Partito dei lavoratori del Kurdistan (PKK). Lo riferiscono media locali, citando una dichiarazione del ministero degli Interni turco. Inoltre Ankara ha effettuato una grande operazione anti-droga.

Turkish security forces have conducted 94 counterterrorism operations across the country over the last week, killing 22 militants from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a designated terrorist group in Turkey, local media reported Monday, citing a statement of the Turkish Interior Ministry. According to the Daily Sabah newspaper, a total of 44 Islamic State (IS, a terror group, outlawed in Russia) suspects, 12 PKK members, and 127 people suspected of providing assistance to terrorist organizations were also detained between August 21-28. Additionally, Turkey reportedly carried out a large anti-drug operation. Turkey was hit by dozens of terrorist attacks carried out by IS and the PKK throughout 2016. The majority of the attacks happened in eastern parts of the county, targeting Turkish security forces engaged in violent clashes with PKK militants striving to create their own independent state, as the Kurds represent the largest ethnic minority in the country.