L’amministrazione Trump può continuare ad applicare pienamente il decreto che prevede il bando sui rifugiati in arrivo da sei Paesi a maggioranza musulmana. Lo ha deciso la Corte Suprema degli Stati Uniti sollecitata dalla Casa Bianca che chiedeva la rimozione delle restrizioni imposte in dalla Corte d’appello lo scorso 7 settembre. La sentenza della Corte Suprema riguarda almeno 24 mila persone.

The US Supreme Court has issued an order allowing President Donald Trump's travel ban with respect to refugees to be implemented, according to a court document. "The application for stay of mandate... is granted, and the issuance of the mandate of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is stayed with respect to refugees covered by a formal assurance," the ruling said on Tuesday. On Monday, the Trump administration asked the US Supreme Court to lift restrictions recently imposed by the Ninth Circuit court on the temporary travel ban for nationals of six Muslim-majority countries and refugees. The administration's request sought to overturn the lower court's ruling on refugees, and does not try to re-impose the travel ban on people with distant family relations in the United States. Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling may affect an estimated 24,000 people, media reported on Tuesday. On September 7, the US Court of Appeals of the 9th Circuit issued a ruling that would exempt refugees who received assurance of support from resettlement agencies from the travel ban.