L’autorità francese sulla sicurezza nucleare ha ordinato una stretta sui controlli alla centrale nucleare di Belleville. La decisione è stata assunta dopo un’ispezione ad aprile in cui è stato rilevato un livello di sicurezza inadeguato nonostante le sollecitazioni continue. Una nuova ispezione è prevista per il 2018. La centrale in cui lavorano 620 persone comprende due reattori nucleari di tipo P4 da 1.300 MW.

The increased supervision of the Belleville nuclear power plant (NPP) has been introduced due to a decline in safety levels at the facility, the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) said in a statement. "The ASN has decided to introduce increased control measures of the nuclear power plant in Belleville-sur-Loire in the Cher department due to the increased insecurity that has been observed at the plant since 2016 and the current lack of any action from the EDF [Electricity of France] aimed at improving the situation," the statement, issued on Wednesday, said. According to the statement, the ASN took this decision after the conducting an inspection at the plant in April. The new security measures, in particular, provide for additional checks at the facility. The new inspection at the Belleville NPP is scheduled for 2018. The Belleville NPP comprises two 1,300 MW P4 nuclear reactors. There are approximately 620 people working at the facility.