Il presidente brasiliano Michel Temer respinge l’accusa di corruzione formulata contro di lui dalla procura definendola “una assurdità”. "La procura generale contesta pagamenti effettuati su conti all’estero del Presidente senza dimostrare la loro esistenza; le donazioni legali sono trattate alla stregua di finanziamenti illegali e i fatti sono confusi e distorti: è puro realismo magico" si legge in una nota dell'ufficio stampa del Presidente.

Brazilian President Michel Temer on Thursday rejected corruption charges filed against him by the nation’s chief prosecutor as "absurdities" and "magical realism." "The complaint is filled with absurdities. He [attorney general] speaks of payments made to the president’s overseas accounts without proving their existence; lawful campaign donations are turned into illegal ones, facts are mixed up and distorted… It’s magical realism in its pure form," the president’s press office said in a statement. Rodrigo Janot, the top prosecutor, has brought two charges of running a criminal scheme and obstructing justice against Temer and six associates. The president is also accused of leading the alleged criminal ring that, Janot said, earned millions in bribes for trading in political influence. The president’s attorney, Antonio Claudio Mariz, has meanwhile asked the top court to put off legal action on the prosecutor’s filing until evidence has been assessed and found solid, according to a local newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo.